Our Services​

Our services

We Are Using High End Phacoemulsification Machines ( Laureate-Alcon & Visalis-Zeiss) For Performing Cataract Surgeries. All Our Surgeries Are Day-Care With No Requirement For Admission.
Now Experience The Advanced And Most Precise Technology In The Field Of Laser Vision Correction, Zyoptix Customised LASIK With Our Bausch And Lomb Technolas 217z Excimer Laser From Germany.​
Department Of Glaucoma Is Equipped With The Latest Diagnostic Facilities Including.​

We Have The Facility Of Treatment Of All Types Of Corneal Ulcer/Infections With Full Microbiological Support. For Patients With Corneal Scar, Corneal Degeneration And Corneal Infection We Have Surgical Facility Of Corneal

With Ever Increasing Incidence & Prevalence Of Diabetes & HyperTension, It Is Important To Screen All At Risk Patients For Retinopathy.

We Have Separate Unit Dedicated To Pediatric Eye Diseases As Ocular Examination & Treatment Of Pediatric Patients Require An Entirely Different Approach.


Contact Lens/Low-Vision Clinic – Provides Counseling Services For New As Well As Old Contact Lens Users. Also Provides Guidance For Patient With Low-Vision.

With a well developed sub-specialty we caterto:- – Orbital Tumors like lacrimal gland tumors in adults & Hemangiomas pediatric age group – Ptosis – LPS Resection & Sling Surgery – Lid Tumors – Benign & Malignant tumors with lid re-construction – Cosmetic Lid Surgeries – including BOTOX injection – Endonasal DCRs for Naso-Lacrimal Duct Blockages​