Dr. Kalamkar Did His MBBS And MS From AIIMS (N.DELHI). He Is Well Versed In All Aspects Of Clinical And Surgical Ophthalmology. Apart From Routine Phacoemulsification Surgery For Cataract, He Is Incharge Of SQUINT And GLAUCOMA UNIT. He Also Has Rich Experience In OCULOPLASTY.

Squint Is a Misalignment of the Two Eyes So That Both the Eyes Are Not Looking In The Same Direction. This Misalignment May Be Constant, Being Present Throughout the Day, Or It May Appear Sometimes and the Rest of the Time the Eyes May Be Straight. Symptoms Of Squint Are Often Difficult To Detect. People Often Mistake Unusual Look of the Eyes as Squint. Children May Often Complain About Vision Problems. In Case the Problem Is Squint, A Specialist Should Be Consulted. The Common Symptoms Could Include: Blurred Vision. Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) Can Develop: A Condition Where Brain Ignores Signals

Treatment For Strabismus

Squint Is Actually A Symptom Of An Underlying Cause Which Can Be A Dysfunction Of The Extra Ocular Muscles, Or The Nerves Controlling Them Or Amblyopia Or In Severe Cases Even Anisometropia. Sanjeevan Provides Strabismus Or Squint Treatment Without Surgery That Helps Improve The Co-Ordination Between The Extra Ocular Muscles Which In Turn Helps In Proper Binocular Vision And Improved Depth Perception. The Co-Ordination Of The Extra Ocular Muscles With Our Treatment Also Corrects Diplopia (Double Vision). This Would Also Eventually Avoid The Brain To Shut Down The Bad Eye Or Lazy Eye (Amblyopia). Our Treatment Helps In The Conditioning Of The Nerves Responsible For The Extra Ocular Muscles And Also The Strengthening Of The Extra Ocular Muscles. The Patients Also See Improvement In His/Her Vision During The Course Of The Treatment.