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Retina Services

With ever increasing incidence & prevalence of Diabetes & HyperTension, it is important to screen all at risk patients for retinopathy.


A) Diagnostic :-


b. OCT provides ultra high resolution three dimensional images of retinal layers and optic disc.

c. CANON FUNDUSCAMERA- for Fluorescein Retinal Angiography

d. GREEN RETINAL LASERSYSTEM- with OPD based Laser delivery/ L.I.OforROP Cases.

B) Surgical:-

a. Alcon Constellation Vitrectomy System - State of art machine to deal with all complicated retinal surgical cases like - Retinal Detachments, Vitreous Hemorrhage, Macular hole, Diabetic Retinopathy, Post-Traumatic 


b. Regular facilities for Avastine/Lucentis intravitreal injections.

c. OZURDEX intravitreal implants










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