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Pediatric Ophthalmology Services

We have separate unit dedicated to pediatric eye diseases as Ocular Examination & Treatment of pediatric patients require an entirely different approach.


Specialized PEDIATRIC VISION TESTING & REFRACTION for all age of children (Pre Verbal Included) along with PARENT COUNSELING for better compliance.

ROP SCREENING & LASER for pre - term babies.

All major PEDIATRIC EYE SURGERY being performed (with a complete G.A. Set-up managed by pediatric anesthesiologist).

- Congenital & Developmental Cataracts

- Pediatric Squints (convergent & divergent)

- Congenital Naso-Lacrimal Duct Blocks

- Congenital Ptosis

- Eyelid and Orbital Tumors

- Congenital Glaucoma

We also have an expert team to manage Ocular Trauma (Corneo-scleral Tears, Traumatic Cataracts etc.)




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