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Orbit Oculoplasty Services

With a well developed sub-specialty we caterto:-

- Orbital Tumors like lacrimal gland tumors in adults & Hemangiomas pediatric age group

- Ptosis - LPS Resection & Sling Surgery

- Lid Tumors - Benign & Malignant tumors with lid re-construction

- Cosmetic Lid Surgeries - including BOTOX injection

- Endonasal DCRs for Naso-Lacrimal Duct Blockages


A) Contact Lens/Low-Vision Clinic - Provides counseling services for new as well as old Contact Lens users. Also provides guidance for patient with Low-Vision.

B) UVEA Clinic - Sub-specialty Clinic dealing exclusively with Anterior/ Intermediate/Posterior uveitis and its related protocol based management.